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by LOT61
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The team at LOT61 set out with the task of providing space explorers (of all altitudes) with an easy solution for enjoying exquisitely refined coffee in whatever atmosphere they may find themselves in.

Moon Brew is specialty coffee made especially easy to have on the go. We freeze-dry our cold brewed coffee in order to preserve its flavor and flare. Under extreme cold, the coffee flavors are shocked and locked in while the moisture leaves the product...making it a conve- nient brew for astronauts and earthlings alike. No traveler should have to step into the unknown without resting assured that they can enjoy a delicious cold brew at a moments notice. We’ve upped the game for instant coffee’s purpose in today's world by boldly going where no cold brew has gone before.

The dark side of the moon is a terrain LOT61 would like to plant its flag into. We’ve taken one small step for specialty coffee & one giant leap for coffee-loving kind.



Please note we don't ship to 'TN J0924-2201' galaxy